• Jens-Uwe Popp & Jochen Roß
  • "two souls - four hands - one sound"
    Extraordinary they both in their mutual understanding.
    With closes eyes we believe to hear one instrument that doesn't exist
    Landeszeitung / SHZ
  • "...excellent, in perfect harmony,
    ...blustery applause"
  • "...a concert resonating contemplation and peace.
    Nowadays a truly rare experience."
    Ostsee Zeitung

Waltz for D

a film by Kevork Mourad

Night train

trailer by Johannes Hoffmann

Studiokonzert NDR

NDR Kultur à la carte EXTRA


Cover The Ten Islands

Title (Hear sample)

  • 01 Night Train0:30
  • 02 Raining at sunset0:30
  • 03 Buttermere Waltz0:30
  • 04 Waltz for D0:30
  • 05 Sarabande0:30
  • 06 The Frog Galliard0:30
  • 07 Andaluza0:30
  • 08 Jodaeiye0:30
  • 09 Scarlatti Grave0:30
  • 10 Scarlatti Andante0:30
  • 11 Scarlatti Allegro0:30
  • 12 Scarlatti Menuett0:30
  • 13 Dance of the Water Boatmen0:30
  • 14 Nessiah0:30
  • 15 Emigrantvisa0:30
  • 16 Ajar0:30

Opus Klassik Awards Nominees 2021

through space and time

Three harmonics sound on the guitar, and the journey begins, setting the train in motion to glide gently through centuries and across continents. Guitarist Jens-Uwe Popp and mandolinist Jochen Roß began their musical voyage through space and time in 1997.

They traveled from music from the 20th century back to Scottish folklore and were fascinated by the new soundscapes those styles offered to be explored on their instruments. For their most recent album they put together a selection of pieces that capture the essence of the spirit of their collaboration – their shared curiosity and openminded approach to music from different styles and time periods. In order to capture the unique moments of those floating musical dialogs, only three takes of each piece were recorded.


Recorded on 10/14 and 10/15 2019, Kreuzkirche Büdelsdorf, Germany

Sound Engineer and Digital Editing: Jens-Uwe Popp

Mix and Mastering: Karsten Zimmermann

Photos: Kaupo Kikkas

Seascape Photo: Ray Collins

Liner Notes: Jens-Uwe Popp, Jochen Roß, Translation: Nils Weinhold

Editorial: Christian Dieck

Artwork: Manila Design

Publishers: Track 02: Southern Melody Pub. Co. USA; Track 07: Gerard Billaudot Editeur, Paris FR; Track 15: Warner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB; Track 16: ACT Music Publishing e.K.; Tracks 03 and 13: Acoustics, Reading GB

Cover The Ten Islands

Title Hear sample

  • 01 The Banks o'Doon0:30
  • 02 East Parkside0:30
  • 03 The Dark and Slender Boy0:30
  • 04 Kelvingrove0:30
  • 05 Air for Linda0:30
  • 06 Mairi bhan óg0:30
  • 07 Such a Parcel of Rogues0:30
  • 08 Smile in your Sleep0:30
  • 09 Wee Morag0:30
  • 10 East Parkside (reprise)0:30


The Ten Islands

Along with some of Scotland’s finest tunes they chose three pieces by Nigel Gatherer and one song by Jim McLean. Inspired by these melodies they created ten musical “universes” which interpret the original character in their own colourful way. Jens-Uwe and Jochen’s playing is complemented by internationally renowned guests: Guido Jäger on the double bass (Giora Feidman, Tom Waits), the Canadian singer songwriter Lisa Winn, the Moroccan percussionist Rhani Krija (Sting), Fabian Hink (Electric guitar) and Ulrich Schubert (Didgeridoo).

The results of this international musical collaboration combine the most beautiful elements of Scottish traditional music with a delicate and sensitive contemporary dramatic feel, combining traditional music with modern, classical and pop.


Recording, Mixing & Editing by Marcus Schneider
Recorded at Punktmusik Studio - Mike Vogel

Cover Photo: Andy Hall

Artwork & Design by Christian Zimmermann

All songs are traditional except No. 2, 5, 9, 10 (written by Nigel Gatherer) and No. 8 (written by Jim Mclean). All songs arranged by Jens-Uwe Popp & Jochen Roß except No. 3 and 7, arrangements by Simon Mayor.

Cover Zeitpunkte

Title Hear sample

  • 01 Mountain Morning0:30
  • 02 Ganesh — On the Road0:30
  • 03 Rezitativ0:30
  • 04 Diminution0:30
  • 05 Bordell 19000:30
  • 06 Cafe 19300:30
  • 07 Nightclub 19600:30
  • 08 Variable Metren0:30
  • 09 Dynamik II0:30
  • 10 Impromptu0:30
  • 11 Mountain Moor0:30


The original idea to record a CD with mandolin and guitar music was developed in 2000. The duo worked over a period of 2 years on the selected programme - the results show snapshots, ("Zeitpunkte"= points in time) of the development of the work. The title of the CD is taken from a cycle of studies by Hans - Georg Lotz, and therefore can also be seen as the theme of the CD.

Pieces by the following composers have been recorded: Stephen Funk Pearson, Oliver Kälberer, Hans-Georg Lotz und Astor Piazzolla.


Recording: Jens-Uwe Popp & Jochen Roß (2000-2002)
Mastering: Wolfgang Lorch
Design & Logo: Adelheid Dettinger-Klemm
Cover Photo: Jörg Brockstedt


Jochen Roß

Jochen Roß


Jochen Roß was born and raised in North Hessia (Nordhessen), the home of the Brothers Grimm and their fairytale stories. At the age of nine he started playing the mandolin alongside his grandfather and his mother in the Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra of Wickenrode. Shortly after that, the piano appeared as a second instrument. Making music together in the orchestra and listening to the records of Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin with his father aroused a permanent curiosity and deep joy in music. During his education in Hamburg he played with the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie, with a Schönberg-Project, in a rock band and worked for the fan club of a metal band. Following his Postgraduate Degree in Early Music with the lutist Joachim Held, he lived in Scotland for six months, working together with local musicians. For fifteen years he was a member of Vief’s “Heavy Classic Ensemble” featuring Matthias Hübner (cello) and Malte Vief (guitar). The ensemble performed in Germany, Scotland, Denmark and Sweden and published several recordings. Roß has been working with Jens-Uwe Popp for many years.

Jens-Uwe Popp

Jens-Uwe Popp


Jens-Uwe Popp was born in 1967 in Rendsburg/Germany. He started playing classical guitar at the age of six. He studied classical guitar in Lübeck and Hamburg. He was a member of the acclaimed “Hamburger Gitarrenduo” with which he and his duo partner Michael Bentzien won several international chamber music competitions. After his studies, chamber music continued to be his main focus. He collaborated and performed with musicians such as Giora Feidman, Efim Jourist, Jochen Roß and Avi Avital. One of his most important musical collaborations was with David Orlowsky and Florian Dohrmann. Together they were the David Orlowsky Trio from 2005 to 2019 and won the renowned Echo Classical Music Award twice. Apart from playing countless concerts in prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall New York, Wigmore Hall London and the Concertgebouw Amsterdam this collaboration also influenced his work as a composer. He wrote many of his compositions for the trio as well as for solo guitar. In addition to his music career, he is an active Feldenkrais practitioner focussing on Feldenkrais for musicians after having finished a four year Feldenkrais training course in 2019.


"two souls - four hands - one sound" - as said in the "Schleswig-Hosteinische Landeszeitung" about the ensemble playing of Jens-Uwe Popp and Jochen Roß.

Together the two musicians art getting off on a journey of sound through different countries and ages. They are creating a link between John Dowlands Galliard and Enrique Granados Spanish Dance, between their original "night train to Odessa" and the Jazz masterpiece "Emigrantvisa" by Swedish piano player Jan Johannsen, between bluegrass virtuoso Chris Thile`s "Raining at sunset" and Johann Sebastain Bach`s "Sarabande". Over the past years the mandolin could carve itself a significant position in the world of concert. Many listeners are nowadays familiar with the mandolin as a classical instrument and folk instrument from Bluegrass and Scottish music.

Jochen Roß from Hamburg is an undisputed master of these instruments. He won the acclaimed competition for mandolin solo in Schweinfurt. Jens-Uwe Popp on guitar is a two time winner of the Echo Classic and with his "David Orlowsky Trio" and the "Kibardin-quartett" present on the international stage.

Characterized by virtuosity and elegance, dynamics and depth their play leads the hearer into far off spheres - as the Schleswig-Holsteinische Landeszeitung wrote: "In an admirable way they both slow down the audience through their ease and intensity"


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  • "It is through their tranquility and intensity that they both miraculously put their audience at peace"
    Landeszeitung / SHZ
  • "Music with deeply moving expression and the art of (plucking) strings at its best."
    Landeszeitung / SHZ
  • "Thoughtful, interesting arrangements are matched by sensitive playing."
  • "Highly recommended."
    Mandolin Cafe
  • "An organic, neatly knit sound, opening up different facets time and again..."
    Gitarre & Bass
  • "It is with strong dynamic masterly knowledge and elegant enthusiasm that the musicians create a unique experience of multilayered depth and dreaminess."
    Akustik Gitarre
  • "For me Jochen Roß and Jens-Uwe Popp have created one of the most remarkable albums of German folk music..."
  • "This enthusiasm has been sensitively captured with a variant diversity of intelligent compositions; modern, even rocking and pop sounds equally side-by-side with classic idioms."
    Jens Hausmann

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